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Our dentist postcards feature exclusive, memorable, all-original artwork from several talented artists.

Elise Baylard from

Elise Baylard

Élise Baylard

Élise’s passion for drawing started in childhood and bloomed during high school years. She pursued her education and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and followed it by completing another full degree in Industrial Design at Université de Montréal.

Despite her advanced education, the simpler love of drawing and artistic creation turned out to be her true calling, and during her university years, she started a business to sell her art. She first tackled the market of general graphic arts, but again, following her playful bliss, discovered that she found more fulfillment in applying her creativity to the market of playful commercial illustration.

Later, in her mid-thirties, she went back to school, again, to complete a degree in Chinese Acupuncture.

She is now splitting her time between her acupuncture practice and her art creation, producing playful art both for her private satisfaction and for her commercial niche markets.

Living in Montréal, Canada, artist Élise Baylard has been offering her commercial art to the Canadian market under the name Caméléart Enr.,  since 1994  and has built a strong following of successful dental clinics.  

Brigitte Loiselle from

Brigitte Loiselle

Brigitte Loiselle

Brigitte Loiselle was born to a family of educators, surrounded by teachers and school directors, but her creative muse, her desire to make new things, and her talent at drawing brought her to Industrial Design, where she completed a first Bachelor’s degree at Université de Montréal.
Her first professional assignments were in the field of school manuals illustration. In 1993, she co-founded of Caméléart with Élise Baylard. Later on, she left the partnership to re-oriented herself into the teaching of sciences at high school level.
She is presently working as a science program designer for the government.
Many of her drawings are still among our most popular catalog listings at Caméléart.
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